Your Inbound Calls

If your “receptionist” is you… on your cell phone… then you need SmartReceptionist – a virtual receptionist who will expertly answer your calls at a far lower cost than a full-time employee – or our competition!

Why Does It Matter?

When you call a company and they don’t answer, what do you do? If you’re like most people, you simply move on to the next company!

Having a receptionist creates a professional company image. Think of the companies you call. What do you think of the ones with a receptionist compared to companies where a cell phone is the company switchboard?

Overflow & Afterhours Only

Perhaps you have a receptionist – then you might only need AFTER HOURS and OVERFLOW coverage. Customers call at times that are convenient for them – and the fact is that SmartReceptionist gets calls before most businesses start their day (we open at 7:00 AM ET) – and after most businesses end their day (we are open until 10:00 PM ET).

Having your overflow calls handled is kind of an obvious thing: you want to answer every call – because you don’t know which call is going to be the “whale” in terms of business – or the customer you have to take care of now!

After-Hours should be just as obvious. If your prospects are calling, they want someone to ANSWER. Even if you’re not in until the morning, a reassuring voice on your end of the call will be there to make sure the caller knows that they can stop their search – because your office will be calling them back first thing in the morning.

smartcontact phone call on smartphone

At SmartReceptionist™, we make sure to understand your business so that we can be far more than just an answering service. In fact, all of the following is available when you work with us.

Our Receptionists are “Localized”

They know your weather and the names of your state’s major league sports teams.

Appointment Scheduling

We work with your online scheduler or you can use Calendly – which syncs with Google, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud – btw – it’s free!

Outbound Calling

For lead generation, announcements, appointment setting and confirmations.

Customized Greeting

We answer the phone as your business, not ours, so your calls are answered with your company greeting!

Friendly, Knowledgeable Receptionists

Our receptionists are trained on YOUR business and will answer customer/prospect questions, transfer calls to you (or to specific employees) and take messages – just as if you hired your own receptionist.

Answers to FAQs

You provide us with the list – we consult and train accordingly. When a call comes in, this information immediately appears on your receptionist’s screen.

Receptionist Minutes

Your Receptionist Minutes are only used during the time our receptionists are on the phone with callers – not after the call is transferred. The average call uses approximately 90 seconds of Receptionist Minutes.

After Hours and Overflow Call Handling

Prevents you from missing valuable calls from people who may NEVER call back… period!

Full-Time Receptionist for Business Hours in addition to After Hours & Overflow

Creates a positive, professional perception from the moment the call is answered.

Call Screening & Call Transferring

If requested, we can tell you who’s calling before we transfer the call to you – or any of your employees – at whatever number you like – in case you only want us to take a message – depending on who is calling.

Voicemail Boxes

All plans include unlimited voicemail boxes – and we email you the left messages in real-time.

Local & Toll-Free Numbers

We can provide toll-free and local numbers (or you can forward your existing phone number). And if you ever leave us – you can take the numbers with you!

Bilingual Receptionists

We can set up your system with an English/Spanish option if you get many bilingual calls – or simply transfer to a bilingual receptionist for the occasional Spanish Language call.



Our ONLY Plan

$249 Per Ponth

Includes 100 Minutes

$1.95 Per Minute Over 100 Minutes

Ruby Receptionist

3 Plans

100 Minutes – $309 Per Month

Plus $3.09 per minute over 100 minutes

200 Minutes – $589 Per Month

Plus $2.95 per minute over 200 minutes

500 Minutes – $1,369 Per Month

Plus $2.74 per minute over 500 minutes

We’re considerably less expensive!

Billing Increments


1-Second Increments

Ruby Receptionist

30-Second Increments

With us, a 1 minute, 1 second (1:01) call only spends 1 minute, 1 second of your minutes.

With Ruby Receptionist, a 1 minute, 1 second (1:01) call uses 1 minute, 30 seconds of your minutes.

Voicemail Boxes


10 Voicemail Boxes are Included

Additional voicemail boxes are $2.99 per month.

Ruby Receptionist

10 voicemail boxes are included in the 100-minute plan

To get unlimited, you must have the $1,369 per month plan.

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